Thursday, 23 June 2011

To lift the spirits!!

Today, I went to the dentist.  Arrived home feeling really down.  Lovely Grand-love arrived clutching, in grubby hands, a few roses, plucked from a wild garden......How wonderful that made me feel!!

We placed two in a jam jar, and scattered the petals of another in a bowl with a floating candle.  Splendid meditation!!  God bless Grandchildren!!

Friday, 10 June 2011


thanks to Anestezia for picture

BETWEEN two golden tufts of summer grass,
I see the world through hot air as through glass,
And by my face sweet lights and colors pass.
Sir Edmund William Gosse(  1849–1928)

J Waterhouse's 'Ophelia'

Happy Friday to you all!  I have been away from home again,  and glad to be back.  Am relaxing for a little while and will be busy catching up on all your wonderful blogs.
How I would love to be lying in the grass pondering life,  as is the lovely lady in the Waterhouse painting!!