Saturday, 17 December 2011

A truly French Home

Lately,  I have been visiting a home,  and unbeknown to me,  the home owner is a French lady,  and boy, do
I wish I had brought my camera!!  The elegance of the furniture and good taste is wonderful.  In every room
a picture or statue of the virgin Mary.  I have tried to obtain some pics off the Internet to give you an idea:


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Getting Ready for All Hallow's E'en

Made a start on my vignette for Halloween.  Not quite what I want yet,  but on the way!  Hope you are all having a wonderful week...

Monday, 17 October 2011

My Beautiful Book Arrived!

My book arrived, and it is even more inspiring and beautiful than I thought!  I am devouring every page slowly, taking in the ambience, the colours, the wonderful ideas, and the fabulous photography of  Debi Treloar.

Take a quick peek inside with me!!

Ways with pink

Stunning bare wall effect

Note the angel wings!!

Decorating with vintage clothes

Decorating with bedlinen

Flowers loosely arranged
Oh, and I have only read to page 67 of 160 pages,
Goodbye for now,  off to indulge myself in some more wonderful pages!!
Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cannot Wait!

Fifi O'Neill, one of my favourites!!!
I have a list of books I want on my wishlist on Amazon 
Rachel Ashwell, always inspirational

Mirjana Schnepf's gorgeous book
Atlanta Bartlett's inspiring book

However,  I cannot have them all at once,  so I have ordered my first one: 

I ordered this one first by Selina Lake and Debi Treloar

I am sooooo excited,  still waiting for the postman to arrive so that I can spend an Autumn day in a warm chair, soaking up the beauty and ideas,
Happy Wednesday to you all!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I have been without a working camera for a while, and therefore have had nothing interesting to post. However, I have spent a windy, cold and wet day paging through two years' collection of magazines. Looking again at where and why I have turned down the pages for future reference.
I share some of these with you....
I love red and white

More red and white!!

I loved this blue shabby door

And more red and white!!

Lovely study
Rustic kitchen.  Love it!!!!

Thanks to Country Homes and Interiors, Country Living, 25 Beautiful Homes, and Period Living magazines

Friday, 12 August 2011

Living by the sea

Summer is waning, the nights are getting cooler, but it is still lovely enough to take a stroll along the beach. Here in Eastbourne, the beach is not sandy, but made up of pebbles and many seashells. My grand-daughter brings me precious finds!

I have been looking at Better Homes and Gardens' ideas for decorating with seashells. Some of them are quite lovely.....

Friday, 15 July 2011

Summer Gardens

A learning curve on hanging baskets at the Doll's House

Begonia at the Doll's House

St Johns Wort (?) in my garden

Alas, no roses, there is too much shade!!
Lovely English cottage garden
Ah, my dream garden!!
Chelsea flower show

When I first came back to England,  I was used to large African gardens,  with sweeping lawns and neat clipped flower beds.  I have now become completely enamoured of the gorgeous and profuse English cottage garden.
So many people these days have a 'wild' part of their garden (space permitting) where grasses are allowed to grow high, with wild flowers tangled within.  This is to allow wild creatures to continue their presence in the area,  such as hedgehogs, squirrels etc.
Branklin Trust garden

The 'Doll's House' (my diminutive home) has acquired the use of a small piece of ground adjacent to my patio,  and I have been learning
about English summer flowers.  A lot of mistakes have been made,  but progress has been made.
A birdfeeder has brought delight to my neighbour and myself, especially when an errant and gluttonous squirrel furtively
hangs on the feeder stuffing himself to capacity and storing the balance in his fat little cheeks!
Alas,  never quick enough to catch him in the act on camera!
A later post maybe!!!

Have a happy Friday!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

To lift the spirits!!

Today, I went to the dentist.  Arrived home feeling really down.  Lovely Grand-love arrived clutching, in grubby hands, a few roses, plucked from a wild garden......How wonderful that made me feel!!

We placed two in a jam jar, and scattered the petals of another in a bowl with a floating candle.  Splendid meditation!!  God bless Grandchildren!!