Thursday, 29 July 2010

Doves of Peace

Some wonderfully clever person made these doves out of paper,  they hang above my workstation and swirl in the breeze while I am typing away at my blog.  They are almost a meditation tool!  I imagine they are meant to be mobiles above a crib,  but they are wonderful anyway!
My guest has left,  and my home is eerily quiet!  How quickly one gets used to conversation.  Time for a spring clean (a bit late).  I want to hang up my bedroom curtains,  nice and crisp and clean (and rosey) and take down the long thick winter ones.  How I wish I had the talents all you girls have,  but I learn from you every day!  Much love................
Oh,  Ana,  one day I will post the story of how I found my Brother!!!!


  1. This mobile is lovely. I know what you mean about the eerie quiet. My Mum just left. She stayed for a couple of weeks and we made some happy memories. Hugs!

  2. P.S. added you to my favorites page this morning sorry it took me so long. Hugs!