Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Lost and Found

My Son and his lovely wife were devastated when their gorgeous Ragdoll kitty went missing a month ago. A search was started with posters and answers to 'sightings' etc. As they live in London, and the Olympics were on it would have been traumatizing for any lost animal with all the bustle and noise. Anyway, exactly four weeks to the day, a kind lady handed Nea the kitty into the local vet, having found her in the bushes in Richmond Park. She is skinny and full of debris but sooooo happy to be home.
Poor Nea all scraggy!
Lovies from a grateful Mommy


  1. Oh my! I'm so glad for the happy ending! What a gorgeous cat.

  2. They have been lucky, this is such a lovely cat!
    Sorry for the late answer about the magazine,if you are interested I can send you one. Just let me know.catherine

  3. Hello Jacqui,
    I am so happy their kitty was returned to them! I know how devastating a missing kitten can be because I lost one and never did see her again. She was a white persian called Twinkle.
    Thank you for stopping by for tea today and leaving your nice comment. Hope you are having a beautiful day.