Saturday, 1 March 2014

Fresh, Feminine, Floral - My kind of bathroom!

I want to update my bathroom, what can be more feminine than frills, toiletries, roses, soft pastels with a pop of bright pink or red? I absolutely love slipper baths, so luxurious and oldie worldie!! Cannot find frilled shower curtains across the pond here, but I see many on etsy in the USA. Have a wonderful weekend, and to those people in Wales, a happy St David's day!!


  1. #6 really speaks to me... I think it's because of the toile!

  2. So feminine and full of romance - I looooove it! And thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    With love, Jade

  3. Hi stunning everywhere!! how magnificent...Love that purple ceiling..dazzling! Thanks for adding sparkles to my day!
    Happy St.David's day..and hope yo find those curtains you like!

  4. Such pretty powder rooms! The last view is my favorite. So glad you liked my white post!