Sunday, 22 August 2010

My Big Brother

Ana at A Petite Cottage wanted to know the story of my Brother.  Over forty years ago,  I discovered I had a brother in England.  I was brought up in Zimbabwe,  and in an attempt to find him,  I wrote a letter which I sent via my Granny.  Having heard nothing for all those years,  I had all but given up.  However,  in 2009 I decided to trace my family tree via Genes Re-united.  As it happens,  he decided to do the same thing!!  The website came up with a 'hot match' for us.  I tentatively sent an e-mail.  I received a very moving e-mail back.  It was indeed my long lost Brother.  But who was he?  What was he like?  How had he been brought up?  Would we like each other?  How did he sound? What accent did he have? All I knew is that he was now 73 years of age and used to be a policeman.  We sent pages of e-mails to each other,  and eventually plucked up the courage to phone.  He sounded lovely,  uncannily like my Father. 

A rash decision indeed,  but after about three months,  I decided I would make the journey by train up to Derbyshire to meet him.  Heart in mouth,  I set off,  scared I would get lost on the Underground,  scared he would not like me.

Arriving at the little station at Uttoxeter,  there he was!  How did he get so BIG!!   What a wonderful person.  Probably the only truly happy person I have had the priveledge of meeting in my life.  And guess what,  he still has my letter written in 1965!  Here he is Ana,  we speak every Sunday evening on the phone.


  1. Oh my gosh such a touching story!! I am sooo happy you found him and can connect.....I found my sister a few years ago as well, 35 years of not knowing she even existed.... This story you shared gave me a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes!

  2. Thank you for your comment. We therefore have much in common, including our interest in holistic healing! Have a lovely week!

  3. Oh, this is so wonderful, Jacqui!!! I'm sitting here smiling. :)
    You have so much to catch up with - and I know you will love every single minute spent together!

  4. Oh Jacqui,
    I am sooo happy I decided to look over your older posts...otherwise I would have missed this one. Thank you so very much for sharing you and your brother's story. How exciting and what a sweet story. I'm sooo happy for you. Thanks again for sharing. ♥Ana