Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A meditation for Ash Wednesday

Well,  it is Ash Wednesday,  a day on which we reflect upon our past and hopefully make ourselves more kind, open, loving and spiritual over the next year.  My own belief is that it should not be limited to one period per year.  We should always try to be that better person!!  Easier said than done.
I like to meditate and calm down with a lovely tealight with a delightful scent,  and just be.................

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. Nicely said Ms. Jacqui. Wishing you a wonderful day. BTW, what a beautiful tea light. Did you embelish that yourself? It's gorgeous.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  2. Hi Ana, thank you. I did not embellish it myself, but it is merely a frosted glass with lace pasted to the top rim. Easy peasy!! Hugs xxxx

  3. Daffodils are the inspiration for me and the two pics below remind me of them! That is great you are stretching your loves to new colors! Thanks for always having such lovely words to share and visiting my blog. Blessings, Amy

  4. Dear Jacqui, what a lovely surprise I just found here... love this litle space you've created here; so soothing and magical.... I shall come back soon!